Job Vacancy Advertising

If you are interested in the use of this  service,  you have the ability to just post an ad for a vacancy on our website with your trademark and the most important information about the company:

What do you gain by publishing the advertisements in daily newspapers?

Listing the most widely read national daily newspaper in the RS, at 1/8 of the cost 170-700 BAM, depending on the website and publications. Average daily circulation of the newspaper is 7,500 copies.

Of this number, about 10% of readers belong to the group of those seeking employment (buy newspapers because of advertised vacancies), or about 750 readers.

So, to get your ad read 750 potential candidates for employment, for just one day, you will pay 170-700 hp.

What do you gain by publishing ads on our Internet portal ?!

Our Web site recorded a month over 250,000 unique visits , and users who are seeking employment or wanting to change existing job!

Price ads on our Internet portal, for a period of 30 days is only 99 BAM.

Price list

Advertised position with the company logo 99 BAM/month
Advertised more jobs with logo 99 BAM (for the logo and one vacancy) + 29 BAM (for each additional position)
Price for assembling ad is 50 BAM.
All amounts above are exclusive of VAT.