Alongside job recruitment, Agencija Spektar oers rent-a-worker service to all employers so as to ensure faster and more productive job placements.
By using our rent-a-worker service you can employ more workers to conduct dierent temporary and part time jobs, as well as seasonal jobs.

We recommend this service when you need to:
– Replace absent workers (sick leave, vacation, materni leave, etc),
– Hire a larger number of workers for a short period of time to catch-up with the workload
increase, while introducing new technologies, etc.,
– Expand you business away from your head office.

By using this service you save time, avoid administrative procedures related to managing workers, and job recruitment procedures.

If you decide to employ a rented worker as a full time employee we make sure the transition process is smooth and easy.

The relationship between Agencija Spektar and the Client is stipulated through a written