Employment mediation

In order to better and faster resolution of personnel issues in organizations, the Agency offers theemployment mediation services. This entails finding the right workers of all educational backgrounds, in accordance with the requirements of open jobs.

Job recruitment involves a series of acitivities that you can use as a package or individually:


1. Job vacancy analysis, copy writing and designing the job ad,
2. Publishing the job ad under the banner of Agencija Spektar or under your ocial logo,
3. Analysis of our client database and received CVs so as to choose the best candidates who
will be invited for job interviews,
4. Job interviews conducted by our HR experts, and checking up to 5 competenties that you


5. Language competencies (German & English) in-depth testing,
6. Computer literacy testing,
7. Personali profiling,
8. Our assessment Center specialises in conducting various assessment techniques and
dierent kinds of work related simulations. Companies considering hiring interns and top
managers will find this service useful.,
9. Testing the professional knowledge required for an advertised job. We hire professionals
from our pool of associates to conduct required tests and in-depth interviews.


The price of basic package depends on the candidate’s current market value, on average
between 1-2 monthly salaries. By signing the agreement employer agrees to pay 1/3 of the
recruitment fee in advance, as a precondition to initiate the selection process; the remaining
2/3 of the fee is to be paid within two weeks of candidate’s employment.


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