There have been serious changes in customer behavior. Selling has become a central activity of any company, organization, staff.  At the time of purchase, the buyer not only decides the fate of the organization, but also one who is sales. Competitive advantage of each sales staff is attentive.
Counseling is the daily work seller. Regular training of sales personnel, the task of the organizations who want to become better than the competition:
Sales personnel / sales representatives are not sufficiently trained for their job?
Sales volume is reduced ( some customers stop buying, or buying much less )?
There are no known effects of the money spent on promotion?
Employees do not know the advantage of service than the competition, why not just some of you buy?
Why your customers looking for excuses not to buy your product or service?
How to motivate yourself and associates to achieve sales targets?
Errors in the sale that can/should be avoided.