Management of organization in “conditions” of the crisis

Does the quality management can encourage the market competitiveness of the company? If yes is the logical answer to that question, why we have so many bad management in organizations?
Research of this topic – leadership of the organization, conducted at the Agencija Spektar was related to:

  • Measuring the current productivity of organizations;
  • Opportunities for improvements in the organizations ;
  • Determining the role of the most responsible people in the organization for editing processes of the organization;
  • How does today’s organizations operate in a “permanent” crisis.

We collected experiences from discussions with the most responsible people in organizations. This allowed an excellent overview of the actual functioning of the studied organizations.

The study showed:

  • How in reality, a little time is dedicated to thinking about the organizing of the organization, especially by the most important people within the organization;
  • We have noticed a serious lack of competencies, leadership skills and creating organizational solutions by the most responsible pople in organization;
  • It’s hard to guess what is real and not exploited the potential of the organizations;

Motivation of employees to participate in change is not questionable, especially if the employee clearly recognize the self-interest inimplementing changes.

The conclusion is:

  • That the most responsible people in the organization, can no longer hide behind others, that they must accept personal responsibility for organizing the organization;
  • Process approach to orhanize is present and future of any type of organization;
  • Partnerships and networking with other organizations in order to increase market competitiveness, an important task of management;
  • Owners of organizations must create organizational solutions that will permanently stimulate the creativity of employees;
  • The daily process within the organization should not imply continuous review of existing and creation of new organizational solutions;
  • Today’s times are the ideal opportunity for rapid and radical improvement of business provided that the management of the organization is capable of managing the organization of the “conditions” of the crisis.

    Source: Agencija Spektar,  Author: Miroslav Vukajlović, director