Management skills

The goal of the training:

Management skills training provides all the necessary information about the management cycle: from planning and organizing, through decision-making and delegating to management and control, and the application of various techniques for motivation of  employees.

Who is it for:

The seminar is intended for all managers or those who are about to become members.

What students will receive:

Duration: 7 hours. For best results, participants should be from the same company, and the number of participants should not exceed 12.
It can be run as an internal training or group training with participants from different companies.

General information:

Training provides all the necessary information on the management cycle of planning and organizing, decision-making and delagating,  the management and control.

Additional information:

Discount for more participants – 10%.

Topics to be covered:

  • Planning and organizing,
  • Delegating,
  • Control,
  • Negotiation,
  • Time management,
  • Employee motivation.

The seminar gives excellent results as an internal training. The program can always be adapted to the specific needs of the company and the target group for which they are held, further saving time and money.

Send us your name, phone number and the name of training, and we will inform you about the start of the training.
Training sessions are conducted by: Agencija Spektar, Mirjana Vračar, associate, Bana Milosavljevica 8, 78000 Banja Luka

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