Training for sustainable harvesting of commercial species of mushrooms

The goal of the training:

Enable participants to learn the basics of mycology (the science of fungi) including physiognomy mushrooms, dusting of edible from inedible (poisonous and conditionally edible) and medicinal mushrooms, types of habitats, seasons and sustainable ways of collecting mushrooms.

Who is it for:

The training is intended for all nature lovers and people who want to make a mushroom collecting additional income for the family budget, and fully dedicate mushroom picking and preparing mushrooms collected for the placement. This training is not intended for people who plan to deal with the commercial cultivation of mushrooms.

What students will receive:

Participants will learn the basics of mushroom and be able to independently identify the most common types of fungi which meet on the territory of  Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, participants will learn how to collect mushrooms in a sustainable manner to preserve habitats sufficiently abundant to play in the next season.

General information:

Duration – 16 hours of theoretical and demonstration work to be performed for two whole days. A special part of the training is related to another day of field training and examination for determining the acquired knowledge. In the regular program – 6 open letter annually. Primarily takes place as individual training or “in-house” in small groups.
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Training sessions are conducted by : Agencija Spektar,  Bana Milosavljevića 8, Banja Luka.


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