The goal of the training:

Students will learn how to keep their own books in accordance with existing standards (IAS / IFRS). The knowledge that participants will gain will allow  them to work in bookkeeping in small, medium and large companies in any business or work in the accounting offices or the establishment thereof.

Who is it for:

This course can attend unemployed and employed persons as well as those working in similar positions which are the skills needed to become more familiar with the procedures in the books that particularly applies to persons involved in the management structure of the company and students who after graduation want to better position themselves in the labor market.

What students will receive:

Participants will receive a combination of theory and practice through the application of International Accounting Standards IAS / IFRS and the best way to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of accounting that will enable them to:

  • Greater competitiveness in the labor market,
  • Faster employment,
  • Starting an independent business,
  • A good basis for further development and progress in the profession.

General information:

The course lasts 24 hours, and the program is on the theoretical part of the course and for the most part practical work in the accounting program. It is a small group, two weekends (Saturday for a period of 6 classes and Sunday school for 6 hours with short breaks, as well as the next in the same period). The minimum number of participants is 3, and a maximum of 10 participants. Course price is 300 BAM and payment is made in two installments, and the price includes literature and supporting materials.

After completing the course and passing the test, students will receive a certificate of competence in the accounting transactions.
Banja Luka:
It is in small groups twice a week for two hours in order for candidates to systematically acquire knowledge.
Other cities:
It is a small group, two weekends (Saturday for a period of 6 classes and Sunday school for 6 hours with short breaks, as well as the next in the same period).

Additional information:

Discounts: Discount for more participants – 10%.
Group size: Minimum number of participants is 3 and the maximum to 10 students.

Topics to be covered:

  • Legislation interpretation and application,
  • Business records and method of bookkeeping,
  • Opening accounts of companies in the program,
  • Cash management,
  • Excerpts,
  • Chart of Accounts: Classes 0-9 , class, group, synthetics and analytics,
  • Practical conduct of wholesale and retail calculations,
  • Posting invoice customers and suppliers,
  • Value added tax: the law and the application,
  • Payroll: contracts, registry records and calculation of personal income,
  • Posting of other items in the financial accounting.


Students use computers and work using specialized software for bookkeeping tasks. The work is interactive with the use of examples and homework. In this way we ensure that participants after successfully completing the course can immediately do bookkeeping tasks.

Training sessions are conducted by: Agencija Spektar, Zeljka Pilipović Vuleta economist, Bana Milosavljevića 8, Banja Luka.


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