ISO 9001

The goal of the training:

Getting to know the basics of ISO 9001 standard series and ways of organizing successful business complex organizations.

Who is it for:

Employers, managers of quality, all who are interested to work in accordance with ISO standards.

What students will receive:

After attending the training, participants will learn the basics of ISO standards series 9001, and the modern trends of the organizational management. You will find out why the exclusive application of standards will guarantee to provide successful business.

General information:

Duration: 8 hours (full day training). It is organized in accordance with the requirements of clients, primarily as individual training and internal training. Optimal group of up to 15 participants, and the minimum to 5 trainees.

Additional information:

Discounts: Discount for clients with more registered participants – 10%, which is also a discount for the unemployed.

Group size: Optimum group of up to 15 participants, the minimum up to 5 participants.

Topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to ISO standards,
  • As it seems the plan of implementation of standardization,
  • The benefits of applying ISO standards,
  • Disadvantages of standards that can be fatal to the organization.


It is in a fully interactive atmosphere. Due to the nature of the training, participants must participate in drafting organizational charts and creating forms that define the decision-making procedures, and all the steps that must be taken in order to implement the planned activities in an appropriate manner. The program can always be adapted to the specific needs of companies and target groups
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Training sessions are conducted by: Agencija Spšektar, Miroslav Vukajlović ,economist, Bana Milosavljevića 8, Banja Luka.

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