HR Academy – beginner level

Who is it for:

Beginners in human resources management and all those who want to deal with human resources.


Training takes place on the principle of one module – one day for a total duration of HR Academy of the initial level, is 4 working days, or 32 hours.

General information:

HR Academy – beginner level consists of 4 modules:

  1. Module: Recruitment of staff – recruitment and selection,
  2. Module: Performance management,
  3. Module: Career development and training of employees in accordance with the development needs of the organization,
  4. Module: Role of HR in strategic planning.

Some of the topics of the Academy:

  • Job analysis and job description,
  • The processes of recruitment, advertising and selection,
  • Methods for assessing performance,
  • Building a learning organization,
  • Implementatio plans for career development,
  • Defining the role of HR managers in the process for managing human resources,
  • The concept of strategic management.


The work is designed so that an intensive, practical and interactive approach to facilitate the immediate deployment of content learned in daily practice. Facilities are adapted to participants, based on the discussion of specific practices and comparing personal experiences from different backgrounds. Experienced teachers will each topic održti lecture with theoretical background and practical examples, and at the end of each module, together with the students to do a case study.
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Training sessions are conducted by: Agencija Spektar, Bana Milosavljevića 8, Banja Luka.

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