The basics of entrepreneurship and management of own business

The goal of the training:

The course aims to help young entrepreneurs and those planning to start their own business to be better organized and preparing for the problems that await them.

Who is it for:

The new and future entrepreneurs.

What students will receive:

The purpose of the seminar is to inform current and future entrepreneurs with entrepreneurship as one of life’s alternatives, and techniques that will help them to more easily implement business ideas and programmed overcome initial problems in business.

General information:

Mentor Training: 180 minutes shorter version, or all day training with practical examples.

Additional information:

Group size: Optimum group up to 15 participants, minimum group of 5 participants.

Topics to be covered:

  • Your assumptions for entrepreneurship,
  • How to be organized at the beginning,
  • Is it possible to check the business idea, and how to decide if the experts say “not worth it”,
  • What to do when the first problems on the job.


The method of work is interactive, using examples and presentations.
Training sessions are conducted by: Agencija Spektar, Miroslav Vukajlovć, BBA, Bana Milosavljevića 8, Banja Luka.
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