It is always a good time for a good reputation

Some time ago a friend called me and pointed me to thinking about how to hire a PR specialist or agency that deals with public relations. She is co-owner of a small travel agencies and restaurants in the city center. Never before has cooperated with PR professionals and wanted to know more about the terms of cooperation, the obligations of both as well as expectations. She suggested me to join nice and helpful and talk over lunch in her restoranu. Pleasant atmosphere, delicious food and excellent customer service reminded me of the story of  “The Legend of customer service” of which will be discussed in a later texts. Instead of classic tale about PR benefits, his presentation I focused on “common field of interest,” which in our case is to work with clients.

Services, rates, forms and way of cooperation

A guest in the restaurant can order a complete meal with an appetizer and dessert or just a salad. Sometimes regular guests know exactly what they want, others are studying or seek a recommendation from the waiter. Based on the needs and wishes of our guests can choose food and they hate to pay an appropriate price. Consultant’s work operates on a similar principle – the consultant proposes the client what it thinks is best for him at some point, and at the end of the day the customer is the one who still deciding which service he wants and when.
On PR consultants menu are many services: media relations, making positioning strategy, planning PR activities, planning and implementation of special events, crisis management, social networks and so on. And the consultants and owners of good restaurant continuously monitor trends and bring fresh ideas because customers want new and interesting content.

Personal characteristics and competencies

The consulting to create assessments to performance, results, experiences, values ​​that the client receives the money. Of course it is expected that the consultants in the process of cooperation demonstrate a high level of attention, understanding, tolerance and creativity, openness and flexibility. This is why professionals invest a lot of energy, time and effort to contribute to the personal and professional development of the client, and thus his business.
Often consultants compare with the waiters in the restaurant – are usually noticed only when the poor do their job.

The Art of decision-making

It is not easy to achieve the best value for money. A good consultant is a gem for the organization – it is the partner who takes care of the client’s business objectives and success almost as much as the client.
How do you choose? So the choice of an ideal business partner to rely on common sense and economic calculations but also on intuition. For this reason, decision-making is an art and not just a logical process and the mathematical equation.

Source: www.AgencijaSpektar.com, Author: Dragana Aleksić Matić