Why to train employees?

Human resources are one of the basic factors of any organization. From human resources depend on the overall results of the organization as a whole. In this regard, it is important to pay attention to human resource management in order to achieve the most optimal results. This is particularly important in modern conditions, when the turbulence is bigger and bigger, and changes more often. Due to changes very quickly obsolete, so it is necessary to continuously improve the existing knowledge, acquire new ones, in order to achieve competitive advantage and improve the position of the organization.

To each worker to adequately perform his assigned duties, it is necessary to pursue with its training, education and development. The mere process of training employees to impart knowledge, skills and makes the development of new, necessary for the organization, which is mutually beneficial, as it gives results that startups, as well as employees, enabling the fulfillment of personal ambition.

The organization is a living thing. We are constantly growing, developing and changing in technology, organization, or even, strategic terms. Today’s organizations are under constant pressure to follow changes in the business environment. All these changes cause potential danger to the knowledge and business skills that we had yesterday, few are usable today, or almost useless tomorrow.

How can we deal with it? With knowledge.

At a time of rapid change only formal education becomes insufficient, and needs to be constantly improved and modernized. Forman education does not offer the development of personal skills necessary in everyday business, and that only when the added expertise, a winning formula for the organization.

So today is the trend of investing in staff training, because this type by informal training does not take up too much time, and employed for a short time, the practical examples acquire practical skills and learn to apply new methodologies and new tools. The advantage of informal training is that each trainee can be acquired knowledge to apply immediately the same day, because the training, usually tailored to the requirements of each individual client, with an emphasis on interactive learning.

Training to achieve superior business results, affecting the motivation and productivity of employees. Training can be a great way of introducing employee in the organizational culture of the organization, and most companies now decide on something called the introductory training for new employees. On the training of new employees receive all necessary information about the organization to which will come into operation on the rules and procedures that apply to it, as well as insight into the vision and mission of the company, and become familiar with what is expected of them and what their possibilities the company employing them.

In addition, the training can be an excellent tool for motivation of those who are already employed in the organization, and more and more companies have realized that investing in the development of knowledge and skills of employees is one of the better investment. Successful companies today follow the development of its employees, create a training plan in line with its strategy.

Companies in the region insist on the training of its employees in the field to improve their personal skills, and are now the most popular training from the area of ​​the development of the following skills: business communication, presentation skills, stress management, time management, conflict management and meetings, improve negotiation skills, teamwork skills labor, management and motivation of employees, and many others.

Mirjana Vračar, Associate , Agencija Spektar