About us

Agency Spektar is specialized for finding and employing permanent and part-time personnel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a company devoted to achieving extraordinary results we have a reputation of successful agency for employment mediation.

Our goal remains the same since 2001, we want to provide reliable and competent workers to whole Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our clients say that working with us is like owning their own human resources department that is always providing best candidates in fast and effective way.

Our team is composed of experienced and motivated experts that are capable to provide our services to companies of all sizes. Our focus is to find best possible solutions for your business.

As a company with the longest experience in employment mediation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we offer to our clients many specially designed services from HR. We are also actively working with candidates trough courses and providing advice giving to make them more competent in the job market. In this approach we are helping companies to find best candidates but also to candidates to find better jobs.

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